Saturday, July 07, 2007

Appiah's Future with Fenerbahce Questionable

Appiah's Future with Fenerbahce Questionable
By Nathan L. Redd

The future of Fenerbahce star Stephen Appiah is now up in the air following the Turkish Futbol Federation's "6+1" decision Saturday. The new rule allows all Turkcell Super Lig teams to have seven non-Turkish players on the roster, but only six on the pitch at any given time.

With the new ruling, it appears that Fenerbahce may let at least one of their current foreign players go. Speculation has been that it could be striker Deivid de Souza or possibly Ghana star Stephen Appiah. The ruling could actually keep Deivid in Kadikoy since one of the foreign players would not be starting; something unlikely for star Stephen Appiah.

Appiah spoke with on Saturday and addressed the rumors swirling about his future with the club. In the interview, he said "I love Fenerbahce very much and I am very happy here. It has always been reported that I will leave Fenerbahce. I really do not understand why they write these fictional stories about me, I’m really tired of these rumors. I still have a contract with Fenerbahce, so if any club wants to transfer me, they first have to talk with my club Fenerbahce. I love Fenerbahce and love the fans a lot. All I want to say that I am very happy here."

Rumors about Appiah include links to Glasgow Celtic, Juventus, and other European powers. However, it appears that both Appiah and Fenerbahce want him to remain in Istanbul for the 2007-2008 season. The TFF's decision, however, may give them no choice.


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