Thursday, July 05, 2007

Deivid de Souza: "I Want to Stay Here"

Deivid de Souza: "I Want to Stay Here"
By Nathan L. Redd

Fenerbahce striker Deivid de Souza knows that his name is being mentioned in transfer talks, especially if the foreign player limit is not changed. However, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, he stated that he hopes to remain in Kadikoy.

Deivid told the Turkish Daily News “I love my club and I get along well with all players here,” he said, “I have no problems but of course the (Fenerbahçe) board's decision is very important. I want to stay here. I know that my performance last season was not brilliant, but that does not mean that this season will be the same.”

Deivid currently has two years left on his contract. After a disappointing 2006-2007 campaign, it was widely believed that he would leave Kadikoy. Zico, however, has stated that Deivid has a vital role in the team's plans for the upcoming season. Fenerbahce is waiting on a decision by the Turkish Futbol Federation regarding an increase in the foreign player limit. Currently, the limit is six, but there have been rumors that it may be increased to eight. If the limit stands at six, it is believed that Deivid de Souza and likely Stephen Appiah would be sold to comply with the rule.


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