Monday, June 18, 2007

Has Tumer Metin Signed with Ajax Amsterdam?

Has Tumer Metin Signed with Ajax Amsterdam?
By Nathan L. Redd

Fenerbahce star Tumer Metin has been the subject of many rumors lately involving his future as a footballer, as well as his mandatory Turkish military service commitment. Tumer is due to begin his military service this year, and it's been speculated that he may leave Turkiye to play futbol elsewhere. If he signs a deal with a club outside of Turkiye, he is eligible to postpone his military service and could possibly be eligible for short-term service when he returns.

This situation has led to Tumer being rumored to be joining various clubs outside of Turkiye. On Sunday it was being reported that Tumer had inked a deal with Dutch side Ajax Amsterdam that would allow him to leave Turkiye and postpone his military commitment. However, Fenerbahce issued a statement from Tumer on Monday voiding this rumor. According to the club, Tumer has not signed with Ajax and intends to play for Fenerbahce this upcoming season. Tumer indicated in the statement "Lots of people have called me to ask whether those rumours were true. I am on a vacation with my wife. I did not speak with Ajax. I am a Fenerbahce player and going to work for Fenerbahce in the upcoming season."


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