Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rustu: "We Will Defeat Fenerbahce"

Rustu: "We Will Defeat Fenerbahce"
By Nathan L. Redd
Former Fenerbahce goalkeeper Rustu Recber spoke to the media on Monday, telling reporters "We will win the Super Cup by winning the game against Fenerbahce. I will play exceptionally during that game. Everything is going fine at Besiktas."
Rustu was considered a legacy player at Fenerbahce before surprisingly bolting Kadikoy for rivals Besiktas. It was believed that despite being healthy at the end of the season, he had lost his starting spot to back-ups Serdar Kulbilge and Volkan Demirel. He was expected to have to compete for his starting job at Fenerbahce this coming season, but decided to leave for more minutes at Besiktas.
Rustu went on to say (regarding his transfer to Besiktas) "Our priority was to develop friendship within the club. For now, we have done so. However, within time, we will also develop harmony and love, as well. Everything is perfect. My friends on the team have welcomed me very well."
Rustu's comments are certain to make the already-hostile crowd at the Fenerbahce vs. Besiktas match even more fired up. However, many critics see an ulterior motive in what Rustu and Besiktas are doing. One unidentified fan told Fenerbahce Worldwide "Besiktas is jealous of the rivalry between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray. They are trying to fuel the fire so their rivalry with Fener can become as big as the one with Galatasaray. This is the reason why Besiktas is making such volatile comments in the media lately."


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