Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Have Glasgow Celtic and Appiah Reached an Agreement?

Have Glasgow Celtic and Appiah Reached an Agreement?
By Nathan L. Redd
Reports out of Scotland on Wednesday indicate that Glasgow Celtic and Fenerbahce defenseman/midfielder Stephen Appiah may have already reached a conditional agreement. Rumors have it that Celtic is hoping to unload midfielder Graveson, possibly to England's Sheffield United. The transfer fee is reportedly around £3 million for Graveson, and Celtic needs to sell him in order to acquire Appiah.
Reportedly, Glasgow Celtic would pay Fenerbahce £5.7 million for Appiah, but Fenerbahce has repeatedly stated that they have no intention of selling Appiah. However, it is believed that Fener is waiting on a pending decision by the Turkish Futbol Federation on the foreign player limit. Currently, Fenerbahce has eight foreign players under contract - two more than currently allowed by the TFF. If the limit is not raised, speculation is that Fenerbahce would sell Stephen Appiah and Deivid de Souza. Fener hopes to not sell either player, but their moves are limited based on the decisions of the TFF.
Fenerbahce is hoping to make other transfer moves during the offseason transfer window, but they are waiting on the TFF's decision to procede in these deals.


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