Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aurelio Says No to Captainship

Aurelio Says No to Captainship
By Nathan L. Redd
Brazilian/Turkish star Marco "Mehmet" Aurelio spoke with Fenerbahce on Tuesday and stated that he is not ready to be the captain of this year's squad. In an interview on the official club website, Aurelio stated "It is a private issue but I've talked with my head coach and explained to him my reasons for not wanting the captainship. I am really not ready for this great responsibility. There are lots of other experienced footballers in Fenerbahce, like Roberto Carlos, Alex, Tümer, Önder, Semih, and Lugano. I am sure that one of them will definetely be a wonderful captain. They deserve this honor."
Aurelio has become a fan favorite in Kadikoy, especially after receiving his Turkish citizenship a couple of years ago. He was considered a legitimate choice to succeed Umit Ozat this season.


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