Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zico Comments Following Fener's 1-0 Loss

Fenerbahce manager Zico met with the press following Wednesday's 1-0 loss to Besiktas in the Fortis Turkish Cup semifinals.

"Besiktas only won the first half of the 180 minutes. We will play the second half in our own stadium. TodayBesiktas scored a goal although we did not play poorly. Besiktas used their chances well today. I feel like my team fought from the very first minute until the last. The score could have been very different, if we had better used our chances. Now we will concentrate on the second match. This score does not bother me now. Everything can change in the second match at Sukru Sarcoglu."

Zico was without the services of Stephen Appiah due to his injury, but also noticeably absent from the lineup was Mateja Kezman and Alex de Souza. Was there a violation of team rules? Zico commented, saying "Appiah was injured but it was my decision not to let Alex and Kezman play. Appiah suffers from a knee injury, and we did not want to risk such an important footballer just for this game. Alex and Kezman were substitutes because I decided to go that direction. I told to Alex that I do not want him to be tired in this critical period."

Regarding Tumer Metin's first appearance at BJK Inonu Stadium since leaving Besiktas for Fenerbahce after last season, Zico stated "Tumer came from a big Turkish team to another big Turkish team. It’s not easy and it proves his quality. Tumer felt under pressure of the Besiktas fans in the beginning and made some mistakes. After that, his performance was good. You don’t need to motivate a player like Tumer who also plays for the National Team. He is a great player and I’m satisfied with his performance tonight."

Fenerbahce and Besiktas will square off in the second leg of the Fortis Turkish Cup on April 26 at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in Kadikoy.


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