Monday, April 09, 2007

Zico: Referees Should Fair & Equal For Everyone

After Fenerbahce's 2-2 draw in Kayserispor, Zico spoke with the press and stated his frustration with the referee's treatment of Fenerbahce.
"In the last minutes of the first half we made a mistake and Kayserispor used the chance to score. Our goal in the very last minute of the match was like a gift to me. I’ve never commented about the referees before and I don’t like to talk about them, but the penalties which we had to win today and the wrong decisions make me talk."
Regarding what he perceives as unequal treatment toward Fenerbahce, Zico said "The decisions should be equal and fair for everyone. When our competitors object to the referee, nothing happens. When my players object to a decision, they are punished with yellow cards. They play on my players’ nerves and the referees allow it and that brings us under pressure. (It is) like we are playing against 14 players. Tumer’s position was definitely a penalty. It’s a record that we never won a penalty in these 27 weeks. This is really interesting."
Brazilian Deivid de Souza has taken a lot of criticism from fans this season, but he not only got on their good side with a tying goal in stoppage time Saturday, he will also go down in the Fenerbahce history and record books as well. De Souza scored Fener's 100th goal of the season in this, their 100th season of existence. After the game, he commented "I’m very happy that I scored the 100th goal of Fenerbahce in our 100th year. I hope that I will also help the team on the way to be the champion in the league and to get the Fortis Turkish Cup by scoring more goals. I hope that this goal will bring me luck. I will do my best to make the team become the champion of the league."


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