Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Quick Glance at Fenerbahce News 2

A Quick Glance at Fenerbahce News 2
By Ozgur R. Nazilli

So after a string of draws in the Turkish League, Fenerbahce looks like they finally have things back on track again. The epic victory against Inter, followed by good performances at Ankaragucu and CSKA Moscow have put the Fener fans into a good mood. I myself am no exception to this, so I have decided on taking another mini tour of the Fenerbahce news in various media sources while we are all in a good mood.

Edu: Rising from the Ashes

We have all been very disappointed by the two mistakes Edu made in the CSKA match which costs us two goals. However, there was another emotion felt by the majority of the fans, including myself, which was surprise. Edu is a great defender, and is the half of the most promising central back duo we have had in years, with Lugano. So how did those two mistakes happen? No one knows for sure, but the good news is, after the Fener fans saw Edu with his head lowered while he was walking out of the pitch, a nationwide wave of support rose from the fans. Edu's own website,, as well as Antu, the biggest Fenerbahce fan website, were bombarded with supportive messages that can be summed into "we know your quality, do not be ashamed of your mistakes, do not feel bad, just bounce back and be your old self again. We love you." Edu's website released a statement by Edu about the support of the fans: "
I am terribly sorry for my mistakes. But there is nothing I can do to fix them right now. The support of our fans is a great morale booster for me. Of course, the position I am in right now is a bad place to be for any footballer. However, I will pull myself together, and show that the trust our fans have in me is not misplaced." As Fenerbahce Worldwide, we share the feelings of our fans and would like to ask Edu to forget about the CSKA game. Anyone who has seen him play knows his quality, which has been proved by the fact that Dunga deemed it appropriate to entrust Edu with the defense of the Brazilian National Team. "Mistake is a human quality" as we say in Turkish. We have full confidence in Edu, and we know that he will be back to his old self with the Vestel Manisaspor game this weekend.

More Fenerbahce news to come...

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