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Fenerbahce 2 - 2 CSKA Moscow

Fenerbahce 2 - 2 CSKA Moscow
By Nathan L. Redd

Two crucial mistakes by Fenerbahce defender Edu Dracena resulted in two CSKA Moscow goals, but a late goal by Deivid de Souza allowed Fener to leave Russia with one point.

Fenerbahce scored first with a goal from Alex de Souza in the 9th minute to go up 1-0. The score remained 1-0 at the half, but Edu Dracena made two erroneous mistakes to open the second half, both of which resulted in two CSKA goals in four minutes to take the lead. The visitors began pushing forward and taking a multitude of shots to try to equalize. Finally, less than five minutes before the end of regulation, Deivid de Souza found the back of the net to tie the game at 2-2. The goal marked the second consecutive UEFA Champions League match for Deivid's offensive heroics.

Fenerbahce leaves Moscow with one point and also importantly, two away goals that may come in handy down the road. More analysis and photos from today's match coming soon on Fenerbahce Worldwide.

(Photo courtesy of Hurriyet)


Blogger Erol A said...

I watched the game on Sky in the UK - one of the most entertaining games of the night. I also watched the Arsenal game - it was boring.

The Good:
1. I'm impressed with the way we came back - that is a mark of a really good team
2. Colin-Kazim impressed me alot
3. Volkan looked really good - he's getting his confidence back
4. Aurelio was the best man on the pitch
5. Onder is becoming a world class player
6. Splendid goal by Deivid
7. Zico looked like a genius with the subs he made

The Bad:
1. I can't believe the mistakes Edu made - we could have won
2. Kezman - the Sky commentator was saying how he was non-existent - I have to agree
3. I don't know why Deniz starts - he is a donkey

6:18 PM  
Blogger Ozgur R. Nazilli said...

Good observations Erol. The only thing that I cannot agree with is the name calling. It is both unnecessary and untrue. Deniz gave a very solid performance today, both on the defending end AND the attacking end. He is not an attacking midfielder, that much is true, but he is a very decent defensive midfielder. The best way to make use of him is to give him a stopper-like role, not a play-maker role.

Other than that, I'm on board with your observations.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Erol A said...

I have to disagree with your comments regarding Deniz - are we talking about the same man?? Although Edu was at fault for the goals, it was give-aways by Deniz in the midfield that allowed CSKA to come forward for the goals. It wasn't until Zico took him out, Fener started winning balls in the midfield and controlling the game. Deniz is a very poor defender and passer. The man gave away countless balls in the midfield which allowed CSKA to dominate the midfield in the first half and the first part of the 2nd half. On the defensive side, he made very poor tackles that allowed Wagner Love and Jo attempts on goal. Basically, he was ineffective - a pylon for the opposing players. His play tonight is indicative to the way I've seen him play all the time. With all due respect, If you were a true Fener supporter, you would support the club, not the player. Nobody is above the club.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Nathan L. Redd said...

Ooh, it's getting hot in here....

7:53 PM  
Blogger Ozgur R. Nazilli said...

Saying "this player is bad" or "this player is good" neither makes you a "true Fener supporter" nor a traitor. These are merely personal opinions, everyone is entitled to their own.

Everyone knows that Appiah-Aurelio duo is the best alternative for the defensive midfielder positions of our team. However, since Appiah is out with an injury, Deniz plays instead of him and it is our duty as "true Fener supporters" to support each and every Fenerbahce fan on the pitch, hence the slogan "Hep Destek Tam Destek".

Anyway, I hope Appiah gets well soon and more importantly, Zico lets him play in his natural position, instead of as a right winger. Having two defensive midfielders is a very smart tactic, especially for European games. Hopefully, Zico will stick to it even after Appiah gets better.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Erol A said...

Appiah is a good player and by far the best choice when healthy, but here's what I think... Appiah won't be around after January - go ahead and call me insane. I think if Fener makes it to the knock-out round, we could see a couple players moving-on (Appiah? Kezman?), and a few players coming to Fener. From what I understand and the comments I've read from Zico, Kerlon is in Zico's sights. There's also the Fatih Tekke saga. I'm sure Yildirim will spend in January given the money Fener will receive from the knock-out round.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Ozgur R. Nazilli said...

Nathan: Don't worry we are all Fener fans. No arguments will break out here :)

Erol: Well for one thing, the only two options that are worth considering are Adriano and Fatih Tekke, in the January transfer window. Because all the other worthy players in Europe will be cup-tied, and it would be really stupid to spend all that money and a limited number of foreign player rights on a player you won't be able to use in the biggest league of all.

I personally don't think that any major players will leave Fenerbahce during the January window, simply because it is the middle of the season and with the prices we would ask for the likes of Appiah or Kezman, only major European clubs can afford them and they would not spend that much money on players who would be unavailable for the European competitions.

My dream is to see Adriano's transfer go through in January. He is one of the best strikers in the world in my opinion and Fenerbahce would be a perfect place for him to revive his career. Also, he is not cup-tied for the European cups so that increases his value even more. However, I have no idea who would be sold to make room for Adriano, and I do not want to think about that just now. If we can bring in the likes of Adriano to Fenerbahce in January, we will pose a serious threat in either the UEFA Cup or the Champions League, depending on which one we end up at after the group stages.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Erol A said...

After watching Kerlon, I'd rather have him than Adriano any day! I don't think Fenerbahce would buy Adriano considering he wouldn't be allowed to play for them in the champions league, since he's playing for Inter - I maybe wrong because the rule states transferred players cannot play on other competition teams, but Adriano has been left off Inter's Champions League Squad so maybe it's possible??? However, if you've seen Kerlon, he's much more exciting to watch, and much more younger. If he makes his mark if Europe for Fener, teams would pay top $$$$ to Fener. So much more of a better buy.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Ozgur R. Nazilli said...

Adriano has not been included in Inter's Champions League squad, so he is not cup-tied, meaning that he can play for another club if he transfers in the January window.

Adriano is a young player too, he is only 25. I have watched Kerlon's videos on YouTube, and it is evident that he is a very skilled player. I especially loved his "seal dribble" in which he flicks the ball up on his head and walks past players while bouncing it on his head. However, this is real futbol, not a show of skills on the street, so my personal belief is that Adriano would be more useful to Fenerbahce than Kerlon, since he is already an established striker. Kerlon has only one goal in 33 matches, which is a very weak number and proves that he is not ready for a difficult league like the Turkish league. But I agree that transferring talented youngsters at age 19-20 is an excellent transfer strategy, one that would bring both success and profit. I hope Fenerbahce continues to buy young players as they did in the summer transfer window.

12:44 PM  

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