Friday, September 28, 2007

Zico: We Deserved the Win Today

Zico: We Deserved the Win Today
Translated and Edited by Ozgur R. Nazilli

After the game, manager Zico held a press conference: "We deserved the win today. However, missing so many scoring opportunities saddens us. Today, the goal difference should have been much bigger. My players want to score a lot of goals, and this leads them to missing too many opportunities. When a player misses one or two scoring chances, he starts to panic and this leads him to miss even more opportunities."

About the game on Tuesday against CSKA Moscow: "We will continue to do our best on the pitch. We know that our opponents on Tuesday are a force to be reckoned with when they are playing at home. But we have shown what we are capable of against Inter. We will go out there and play our own game."

Zico also commented on the much awaited return of the Ghana Team Captain Appiah: "Appiah is trying to regain his strength, however he is not there yet. Right now, when he tries to use the leg that was operated on, we see that it is still not at full capacity. After he regains his full strength, he will get his chance to play. Tümer and Serdar are also injured from their knees. When the player recovers from a knee injury, it is imperative for them to play. I am saying this based on personal experience. Knee injuries are a special breed. You have to start using it as soon as your knee recovers."

Today was also the 40th anniversary of the first time Zico went on football field for training, at Flamengo. He was given a plaque to commemorate that, and was celebrated by the players, the staff and the board.

In the week, Zico had met with UEFA President Platini, and he commented on that too: "I was very happy to see Platini. We have been friends for years with him. Even though we always played against one another, it is a good feeling to continue this friendship with Platini."

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