Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is Fenerbahce Chasing Darko Kovacevic?

With the season winding down and the summer transfer window just weeks away, the rumor mill is starting to heat up in Turkish futbol and especially for the champs, Fenerbahce. Fener appears resigned to possibly losing one or more of its foreign players, and a number of names have popped up as potential Fenerbahce targets. The latest is Darko Kovacevic, the Serbian-born striker for Real Sociedad.

The latest rumors indicate that Alex de Souza may be on his way out following an inability to come to terms with Fener on a new deal. Kovacevic is one scorer that Fener could look to for filling Alex's void. However, youth isn't on his side, as Kovacevic is 33 years old. He has experience throughout Europe, playing for Juventus, Red Star Belgrade, and Sheffield Wednesday before joining Real Sociedad. He also has 55 caps and nine goals for his national team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why oh Why do Fener look to buy has been old rubbish !! Fener are a team that should build with youth blended with quality imports.
If you can't get the players from abroad you really want then don't just buy any old has been.It is just throwing good money away.
Fenerbahce needs to look seriously at it's player policy, and not just go for a BIG? name player.
The big clubs of europe make players or find them, Gala had Ribery and did not realise what they had ! What was even worse was Fener did not step in and aquire his services??? Who are Feners scouts? what experience do they have , and who really controls the transfer requests and funds?
All in all I have witnessed some really bad buys and yet seen good players go over the years.
Fener will not grow up outside of Turkey unless there are big changes, but that is a Turkish issue as much as a Fener one.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Emre Kizilkaya said...

You're absolutely right, Kezman. Though the Board already denied any link, stating that "Kovacevic wanted to come to Fener, but we rejected his offer."

7:07 PM  

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