Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alex, Fener Reportedly Far From New Deal

According to a report in Tuesday's "Today's Zaman," Fenerbahce and Brazilian striker Alex de Souza have hit a wall in their negotiations for a new contract. The discrepancy between the two parties, according to the report, could lead Alex to leave Kadikoy at the end of this season.
The two sides have reportedly been in discussions through the season, and at times it appeared nearly a "done deal" that Alex would remain with the Canaries. "Today's Zaman" reports, however, that Alex is wanting a deal worth 2.5 million Euros and a three-year contract. Fenerbahce reportedly wants to ink Alex to a two-year deal for less money.
The two sides will continue to talk after the season as Fenerbahce evaluates the off-season transfer window.


Blogger Tims@h said...

I had a chance to chat with Can Bartu today. He told me that Alex is on his way to Besiktas.

2:41 PM  

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