Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Winter Winners: Fener Overcomes Snow, Sivas 4-0

When Fenerbahce got off the plane in Sivas on Monday, they had no idea they'd be facing two opponents the following day: Sivasspor and Old Man Winter. Fener, however, was good enough to beat them both. In a constant snowfall, Fenerbahce defeated Sivas 4-0 on the road for their second win of the Fortis Turkish Cup thus far.

The game had interesting storylines going in, as Fener left practically the entire starting eleven behind in Kadikoy. They wouldn't need them though, as two goals each from Deivid de Souza and Semih Senturk would provide enough offense. Deivid struck first at the 14-minute mark, while Semih struck again at the 30-minute mark. The second half saw a second goal from Semih at 73 minutes, and a second goal from Deivid at 79 minutes.

Fenerbahce's side usually reads like a "who's who" of Turkish Football. Today, however, it was more like "who's that?" Fenerbahce left enough players behind to field a solid European club, while adding several young players from the youth side for the trip. With Rustu, Kezman, etc. still healing, Zico rolled the dice on this new young lineup and it paid off.

The win keeps the momentum rolling for Fener as they look toward the Denizlispor Roosters in this weekend's Turkcell Super Lig competition. Fener hopes to have most of the starters back for this game.


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Click here to watch the goals on YouTube.

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