Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is Ronaldo Considering a Move to Kadikoy?

Is Ronaldo Considering a Move to Kadikoy?
By Nathan L. Redd

When his contract with AC Milan expires at the end of the year, Brasilian superstar Ronaldo will be looking for a new destination. He's been linked with a move to lowly American side Los Angeles Galaxy to join his friend David Beckham, but one report indicates that he might wear the yellow and navy next year.

Media outlet Controcampo reports that Fenerbahce's Roberto Carlos is trying to persuade his fellow Brasilian to join him in Kadikoy next year. "Ronie, join me in Istanbul," said Roberto Carlos according to the report. "At Fenerbahce, you will be covered in gold."

Ronaldo was linked to a move to Kadikoy last season but no deal was ever made. The lure of a shorter season with less pressure in American "soccer" could tempt Ronaldo. However, the competition level is among the world's lowest and Ronaldo could be looking for more international glory. With the number of Brasilians on the roster and legend Zico commanding the team, Ronaldo could very well be interested in moving to the European giants Fenerbahce instead.


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