Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who Is Gokhan Gonul?

Who Is Gokhan Gonul?
By Ozgur R. Nazilli and Nathan L. Redd
As Fenerbahce prepares for their new season, we will be profiling some of the new signings from the summer offseason. Today we'll take a look at Gokhan Gonul (pronounced "Gurk-han Gur-nyul").

Fenerbahçe signed Gokhan Gönül From Gençlerbirligi OFTAS Spor under a 4 year contract on July 12, 2007, as part of its transfer plan for the new season. So who is our new transfer, Gökhan Gönül? Let us have a look at his career:

He was born on the 4th of January, 1985 in Bafra, and started his football career as a youth player at Bursa Yolspor. He played for Bursa for 3 years, before transferring to Gençlerbirligi, under a professional contract, in 2002.

After Gökhan transferred to Gençlerbirligi, he spent the next 5 years loaned out to Gençlerbirligi OFTAS (who is a partner team to Gençlerbirligi in a sense), and played 95 professional matches, scoring 16 goals. Ilhan Cavcav (President of Gençlerbirligi), who played an important role in initiating Gökhan’s professional career, was proud of his accomplishment when Gökhan Gönül played an instrumental role in promoting G. OFTAS Spor to Turkcell Super League (Turkish First Division).

Following is a brief look at Gökhan, who has a special place in the hearts of the supporters of GençlerbirliGi OFTAS Spor:

Previous Team: Gençlerbirligi OFTAS Spor
Number: 77
Place of Birth: Bafra
Date of Birth: 4th of January, 1985
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Right Back or Right Winger (Midfielder)
Other Teams He Played In: Bursaspor, Gençlerbirligi


Blogger Eski Kanka Jim said...

Well it was pretty obvious last night that OFTAS don't miss their departing son.

0-2 down in the Ankara Sportswriters Cup Fianl, OFTAS came storming back with 3 goals in quick succession in the 2nd half from Atak to take the wind out of Gencler sails.

A great performance by OFTAS and a warning that they don't intend to be relegation fodder this season.

3:44 AM  
Blogger Oz Kanka said...

Oftas were only 1-0 down when they scored their three goals. What game were you watching Sir Eski Kanka?

5:40 AM  
Blogger Nathan L. Redd said...

The memory of the game changes with each beer consumed...

10:53 AM  
Blogger Eski Kanka Jim said...

Well .... hic hic hic.... some of us do it faster !!

Anyway, I wonder how long it will be before Mr Atak is on his way to Kadikoy hmmmmmm ???

4:32 PM  

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