Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Roberto Carlos and Fenerbahce USA

Roberto Carlos and Fenerbahce USA

By Nathan L. Redd

I have to take a moment to congratulate Osman Mehter and Turgut Giray, close friends of Fenerbahce Worldwide. Osman (on the far right in the above photo) is the General Secretary of Fenerbahce USA, and Turgut Giray (far right in the top photo) is also a board member of FB USA. Both Osman and Turgut are great supporters of Fenerbahce Worldwide. Our good friends Osman and Turgut are in Istanbul currently and had the opportunity to meet the newest Fenerbahce star, Roberto Carlos on Wednesday.

Tebrikler, Osman ve Turgut. I joked with Osman that I am looking forward to the Roberto Carlos-autographed Fener shirt they are bringing me from Kadikoy.


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