Friday, March 30, 2007

Edu: "Brazil Knows The Greatness of Fenerbahce"

After the Thursday training session, Zico and Edu Dracena met with reporters and talked about the upcoming match vs. Ankaraspor, Fenerbahce's image in Brazil, and more. Speaking on FBTV, Zico talked about the previous Turkiye Euro 2008 qualifiers vs. Greece and Norway:

"I have already mentioned that the Norway match would be difficult for Turkiye because Norway plays better outside than they play in their country. They first made the score 2-0 but then they were scared and moved backwards, which of course helped Turkiye a lot. Turkiye succeeded to score 2 goals. The Greek match was also very important and the 3 points Turkiye got out of this match mean a lot for the leading position in the group. My players represented their country and Fenerbahce very well. It made me and the trainer of the National Team really happy. Appiah has a slight injury and it is hard for him to play this week but he is definitely going to be ready for the next match. All of my players make a great effort and try to do their best. The match against Ankaraspor is very important for us on the way to the championship. If we are going to be the champion, we have to win this game. It’s an advantage for us that we have our fans with us."

Regarding this weekend's Super Lig game vs. Ankaraspor, Zico stated "’If we are going to be the champion, we have to win this game." Fener hopes to get all of the international players back in the right mindset to pick up three points on Sunday. One of those international players was Edu Dracena, who spoke about his time with Brazil and Fenerbahce's image in his native country:

"It was a special feeling for me to be with the Brazilian National Team and with the players. We had a great time together. Now I’m back with Fenerbahce. I believe that with the performance I show here, I am going to get my position in the National Team. I hope that our trainer, Dunga, will invite me again for the next match. A lot of people were surprised to hear that I was invited to the National Team because they don’t know who I am. I was a question mark for them. Now after I was invited to the National Team, I hope that people start to respect me and my skills more. Everyone, including the trainer in the Brazilian National Team, knows about Fenerbahce and is aware of the greatness of Fenerbahce. They wanted to know more about Fenerbahce and asked me questions. I don’t care about what they write or say about me. I am only responsible to my president, my trainers and to the Fenerbahce fans. To make them happy is what I care about the most. I do my best for Fenerbahce. In the next 9 weeks I will also do everything I can for the team and I want to be the champion. Everyone knows the greatness of Fenerbahce. Ankaraspor match is difficult but also very important. We have to play really seriously in the match. From the first second on we have to show how much we want to win."

Kickoff for Fenerbahce vs. Ankaraspor is Sunday at 15:00 (8 AM EST in the U.S.).


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