Friday, April 20, 2007

TFF Rules Runje "Conveniently" Available for Fener Game

The Turkish Futbol Federation has reduced the suspension of Besiktas goalkeeper Vedran Runjue to only one game, meaning he will now be available for the Fortis Turkish Cup second leg against Fenerbahce next week in Kadikoy. Runje had been suspended by the TFF for two games following his explosive behavior last week on the pitch vs. Sakaryaspor. Runje made an obscene gesture toward the Sakarya fans, resulting in the two-game suspension. Besiktas officials applied for arbitration and requested a court hearing, after which the disciplinary committee of the TFF reduced the ban to only one game, "conveniently" coinciding with his return against Fenerbahce next week. Added to the mystery is that, like Fenerbahce, Besiktas is down to their third goalkeeper tomorrow, a 17-year-old in goal after an injury to the backup. Unlike Fenerbahce though, Besiktas is already making excuses and crying about the situation. Fenerbahce has been on goalkeeper number three for much of the season, yet continues to keep their mouths shut and play futbol, leading the Turkcell Super Lig.

Is the TFF decision just another effort to keep Fenerbahce from success? We can't say for sure, but to the outsider it appears that the TFF is doing everything in its power to keep Fenerbahce from winning a 17th Turkcell Super Lig championship this year.


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