Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deivid de Souza Hoping to Fulfill His Contract With Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce Brazilian Deivid de Souza spoke with the media earlier this week, and used the opportunity to reiterate his desire to fulfill his contract with Fenerbahce, as well as talk up his teammate and fellow Brazilian Alex de Souza.
"I have a 3-year contract with Fenerbahce and I want to complete the time. I know that I can do better. I trust in myself, my talent and my technique.’ He also commented that he always started in the first eleven for his previous teams and believes the same will eventually be true in Kadikoy. "I believe that this will be the same in Fenerbahce. Now Kezman is playing and I’m working hard. I believe that I will get the chance to show what I can." He stated that he has received transfer offers during the break, but hoped to stay in Istanbul for the remainder of his contract. "’n January I received 4-5 offers from Brazil but my aim is to play here. I have a 3 years contract."
On the subject of Turkish futbol, he used the opportunity to speak highly of fellow teammate and Brazilian playmaker Alex de Souza. "I do not want to discuss this issue and I am not telling you this not because we play in the same team. Alex is the best Brazilian player in Turkiye. Look at his past, he scored more than 70 goals, and assisted even more in just 3 years. I also played with Ricardinho from Besiktas but I think Alex is the best." On the state of Turkish futbol, Deivid commented that "(Turkish futbol) is based on power but in Brazil futebol’s basic is the technique. Now we are here and we have to get use to it. I try to adapt. My turkish friends help me in the trainings to get use to the system."


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