Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is Pini Balili in Fenerbahce's Future?

Sivasspor's outspoken striker has been quoted as saying he would love to play for Fenerbahce in the future, according to Balili, an Israeli national, is reportedly very unhappy in Sivas and desires to play for "one of the big clubs" in Turkiye. He has reportedly said that Fenerbahce has expressed interest in him and he would move to Fenerbahce "if Zico sticks around." However, Fenerbahce isn't likely interested unless Balili gains Turkish citizenship. Balili has tremendous skill at the striker position, but probably not enough for Fenerbahce to sign him as one of their six foreign players.

Balili's agent claims "Balili's contract with Sivasspor expires at the end of the season, so this season determines whether he will move on to a big club or stay here. If Fenerbahce, which changes coaches all the time, sticks with Zico, then Balili has a good chance of signing there."

Stay tuned to see if Balili's claims are credible or he is just expressing his desires...


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