Thursday, September 28, 2006

Game Day in Denmark

Today is game day in Denmark.....the second leg of UEFA cup action between Fenerbahce and Randers FC takes place this afternoon at 2:30 PM EST. Fener arrived in Denmark yesterday to the always-present crowds of Fenerbahce supporters at the airport. After arrival, manager Zico held a press conference. He addressed the team's approach to today's game and their strategy. "I have no plans for a man marking system against Randers FC, but we will take care of their forward player who created some problems for us at the first match.” Regarding the pressure of today's match, Zico commented “Randers FC need to score this time and this will ease our job as they won’t be defending hard like they did at the first match.”

Following the press conference, Fenerbahce had one final preparation training session in the stadium.


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