Tuesday, October 03, 2006

UEFA Cup Drawn; Fener has Tough Group

At Tuesday's UEFA Cup Drawing in Switzerland, Fenerbahce landed in arguably one of the toughest groups. Fener will face some of the finest non-Champions League competition in all of Europe. The drawing sent Fenerbahce into Group H, along with Newcastle United of England, Palermo from Italy, Celta de Vigo from Spain, and Eintracht Frankfurt from Germany.

The top three teams from each group will qualify for the next round. The dates and fixtures for Fenerbahce's Group H are as follows:

Thursday 19 October
Newcasttle - Fenerbahçe

Thursday 23 November
Fenerbahçe - Palermo

Thursday 30 November
Celta de Vigo - Fenerbahçe

Thursday 13 December
Fenerbahçe - E.Frankfurt


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