Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shocking News: Fenerbahce Officially Announces An Impending Transfer

Shocking News: Fenerbahce Officially Announces An Impending Transfer
By Ozgur R. Nazilli

Anyone who follows Fenerbahce news knows that the club has a rule that they abide by with no exceptions: Transfers are announced after they have been signed and they are for certain, not during the transfer process. This was true, until now. The official Fenerbahce website has declared, for the very first time in its history, that the club is working on transfers and further news will follow shortly.

As the fans know, Appiah has been sidelined for a long time now, and that looks to be the case for at least 6 more months, effectively diminishing the midfield strength of the team. When this was coupled with the departure of Tumer (which is not official yet but will happen, since his age doesn't permit him to play in Turkey anymore without doing his mandatory military service first) and the injuries of Deniz and Alex, a transfer had become a necessity for the continuing well being of the team. Fenerbahce has finally suspended the license of Appiah with the Turkish Football Federation, which means that they have freed up a foreign player quota. The official website, www.fenerbahce.org, broadcast this news tonight by Turkish time, and included a short yet immensely powerful side note in the article, in which they declared that the club was in the process of working on transfers and further explanation would follow shortly. This, although not too extraordinary for a football club, is a first in history for Fenerbahce, which has proven to be very exciting development, and is currently keeping fans awake and in front of their computers, mostly in Antu.com, to hear about the developments as soon as they happen.

More information and further developments will be made available on Fenerbahce Worldwide as events unfold.


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