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Poor Calls Cost Fener Three Points, One Player

Poor Calls Cost Fener Three Points, One Player
Two Egregious Decisions Send Fener Back from Kayseri Empty-Handed
By Nathan L. Redd

Fenerbahce went to Kayseri in search of three points, but less than a third of the way into the game, it was clear that they would likely come home empty-handed. Two disastrous calls by the officiating crew allowed Kayserispor to come back from a 1-0 deficit to win 2-1 in front of the home crowd.

Fenerbahce came out attacking on Sunday with the return of Deivid de Souza in the striker position alongside the hot Semih Senturk. Diego Lugano was also back from a one-game absence earlier in the week. Kayseri would have the first shot at goal, however, with a free kick in the 6th minute that Volkan was able to keep out. Less than five minutes later, Edu Dracena would pick up an obvious yellow card after a clumsy tackle. The call allowed Mehmet Topuz a free kick and another shot at goal, but Volkan Demirel was again able to stop the shot. There wasn't much to dispute about the call, but the day would only get worse for Edu and Fenerbahce.

Six and a half minutes later, Fenerbahce got on the board. Stephen Appiah found himself open on the wing with a clear look to get in the ball into close range. Appiah delivered a beautiful left-footed cross into the box that curved perfectly. Semih Senturk was able to jump in and claim Appiah's pass with a header past the goalkeeper to put Fenerbahce up 1-0. Senturk continued his hot streak of fantastic play at the forward position.

The goal allowed Fenerbahce to feel confident early in the match, but the momentum would shift completely just over ten minutes later. In the 28th minute with Kayseri on attack, Edu Dracena was called for a handball that caused him to pick up his second yellow card, resulting in a red. The call meant Fenerbahce would be playing with only ten minute for more than two-thirds of the remainder of the game. However, upon further review, the ball appeared to strike Edu on the lower chest/torso area rather than his arm. The call would stand, however, and Fenerbahce knew they would need to go into a defensive mode to try to salvage a point.

Kayseri would have another great shot at goal ten minutes later, but the shot from the left side of the box was perfectly deflected by Volkan to prevent the goal. Demirel got his right hand on the ball to prevent a sure equalizing goal for Kayserispor. The game was getting more aggressive and sloppy as time went by, with both teams combining for thirteen fouls in the first forty minutes of play.

Roberto Carlos was able to get a free kick opportunity in the 42nd minute, but his shot was off the mark. Less than thirty second later, Kayseri caught Fenerbahce out of position and took advantage. A beautiful cross from the left side found Mehmet Eren unmarked and in great position. Eren, wide open on the right side, found the left back side of the net past Volkan to tie the game at 1-1. Four minutes of stoppage time would keep the first half going, but the teams went into the break knotted up at 1-1.

The second half would only get worse for Fenerbahce. Playing with a man down, the Yellow Canaries were still looking for another goal. The goal appeared as if it might come seven minutes into the second half, when Roberto Carlos had another free kick that gave Diego Lugano an obvious header opportunity to retake the lead. Lugano, however, was first held by his shirt, then thrown down by the Kayseri defender. Instead of what was an obvious yellow card, no card or foul was given and play continued.

Fenerbahce continued a fantastic attack a few minutes later highlighted by some spectacular passing on the Kayseri side of the pitch. Roberto Carlos took advantage of a nice look from the left side in the 56th minute, but the shot was saved, killing Fener's attack.

Seven minutes later, the game would turn again in favor of Kayseri. Roberto Carlos made a rare mistake on defense when he was caught off-guard by Mehmet Eren in front of Fener's goal. However, Eren was so far offsides that the other Fenerbahce defenders stopped play to begin walking back the other direction after awaiting the linesman's flag. Despite Eren being at least seven feet ahead of all Fenerbahce defenders in a clear offsides position, the linesman chose not to raise his flag and allowed the goal. The call was so baffling that players on both sides were looking around in confusion, thinking they had missed the offsides flag by accident.

Fenerbahce was never able to recover after the ridiculous error. Zico would replace Wederson with Colin Kazim-Richards a few minutes later in hopes of sparking one final attack, but it was not to be. Kayserispor took advantage of the officials' generosity to pick up three points at home against the streaking Fenerbahce.

After the match, Zico spoke with reporters and was clearly upset by the officiating in Sunday's game. "Both teams were showing an equally great performance until Edu was shown a red card. I respect this decision, but a Kayserispor player did exactly the same thing and was not punished by a card." Zico went on to show more frustration with the referees in Sunday's match. "In the last minutes of the game there was a lot of arguing and disagreement from both sides. What did the referee do to stop them? He totally lost control over the players. I told my players to calm down and congratulated them because they tried really hard to win."

Fenerbahce will have plenty of time to think about Sunday's loss. The team is off next weekend for international competition. They'll return to Turkcell Super Lig action two weeks from now when they'll host Ankaraspor at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in Kadikoy.

The loss means Fenerbahce remains in third place in the standings - one point ahead of fourth-place Besiktas. Kayserispor now moves into fifth place with 20 points, only one behind Besiktas and two points behind Fenerbahce. Galatasaray sits in second place with 25 points, but has an opportunity to tie with Sivasspor for first place if they can defeat Genclerbirligi on Sunday. At publishing time, Genclerbirligi leads Galatasaray 1-0 in the 7th minute of that match.

(photos courtesy of Hurriyet)


Blogger Gulay said...

goodness me, maybe you know how the Besiktas supporters felt last weekend....

9:46 PM  
Blogger Nathan L. Redd said...

Maybe so, but if you saw this game it was really a travesty. I can understand the red card on Edu because I thought it was a handball at first also, but the replay showed it wasn't. But the offsides call that allowed Kayseri's goal was possibly the most offsides I've ever seen a forward.

Don't worry, Gulay - I don't think there was any conspiracy involved :). It was just a few really, really bad calls that put Fener in a hole that was impossible to climb out of.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Erol A said...

Gulay, why do you post here? You have no business talking about football - stick to what you know best - cleaning and cooking.

I don't know how you can compare Beisktas complaints to that of Fenerbahce??????

For Besiktas, the referee blew the whistle long before they said the goal was scored - that was the main compaint of those moaning idiots.

For Fenerbahce, a ball gets kicked into Edu's belly, but he gets a yellow card for it. An attacker runs into Edu, and Edu gets a yellow card for it. Last time I checked, you're supposed to run around the defender, not run into him.

In Besiktas' case, they're just a bunch of moaning cry babies.

In Fener's case, the referee is blind and stupid.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Oz Kanka said...

I've never had the pleasure of trying Gulay's cooking, nor have I seen how spotless her house is, but however good her skills are in the housekeeping department I have a feeling her real skill lies in winding up Fener and Besiktas fans.

As for us Gencler fans, she just treats us with disdain :)

9:06 AM  
Blogger Erol A said...

Brother, all she does is make idiotic football comments - which does wind me up - no different than those idioitic galatasary monkey writers and supporters.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Gulay said...

erol a, you are so easy to wind up .....the point of a blog is that everyone can comment whether you like it or not....and if Edu could tackle the handball would only be the first yellow and he would have stayed on...oh and by the way I did not compare the incidents only the feeling of the supporters, so maybe you should understand what is said before you come over all bigoted and macho turkish man....if you want to get nasty I can oblige

And your comments really form the basis of what I am saying, Besiktas are moaning cry babies and we were cheated, do you read the comments posted here by Nathan....pot calling kettle black I think

oh and when you start shaving and your testicles drop then maybe you will be grown up enough to understand that debate is healthy and irony, criticisms and sarcasm are the norm...not slavish devotion and unblinking criticism....

6:59 PM  
Blogger Gulay said...

oh and by the way, if you obstruct a player deliberately as Edu did (and if you actually check the laws of football you will understand that) that's a yellow card and until instant replays are brought in you are going to get decisions like the handball. If you think that was harsh check out the Blackburn Man Utd match and the red card to that was harsh...and yes the second goal was offside...but that's football..

7:04 PM  
Blogger Erol A said...

No Gulay, only idiots like yourself who think they're all high and mighty deservedly think they can comment on football, but what you're really good at is using using your ass for your mouth and spout utter none sense. Go cook for your husband and do what you're really good at.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Gulay said...

erol a once again you simply show why you get treated with the contempt you clearly deserve......

8:38 AM  
Blogger Erol A said...

wow that really hurts - bite me

8:48 AM  
Blogger Nathan L. Redd said...

Alright, here is the can keep arguing, but Erol, do me a favor...back off the gender-based comments. I know it's your opinion, but just do that favor for me.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Eski Kanka Jim said...

and one further piece of advice for Erol (who I assume is NOT married).....

don't even contemplate arguing with a Turkish lady (especially Gulay). They will ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS, have the last word !

Class dismissed !!

1:11 PM  

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