Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Van Hooijdonk Believes in Fener's Euro Success

Van Hooijdonk Believes in Fener's Euro Success
By Nathan L. Redd

Despite having left Kadikoy, Dutch star Pierre Van Hooijdonk remains one of the most popular players to ever put on the yellow and navy shirt. He earned the adoration and respect of Fenerli's during his tenure with the club, and his name is still mentioned frequently in the streets of Istanbul.

Van Hooijdonk spoke with Sabah recently and stated that he believed Fenerbahce is poised for European success. "Fenerbahçe played great against PSV. Everybody has been talking about it here since the game and no one is giving PSV the odds in the second game in Istanbul. And I feel the same way. I think Fenerbahçe has changed a lot since 2006. I have noticed the discipline Zico has established in the team, which is exactly what the team needs to be successful in the European Cups" he told Sabah. The Dutch star's comments may not sit well with fans in his native Holland, but Van Hooijdonk's loyalties to his former club run deep.

"Fenerbahçe has changed a lot. Zico has brought discipline to the team and I think it is this discipline that will bring Fenerbahçe success in the European Cups."


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