Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Captain Alex Gives His Views

Captain Alex Gives His Views
Translated And Edited By Ozgur R. Nazilli

"Unfortunately, even though he won the Championship two years in a row, Daum was always criticized. Now, the same thing is happening to Zico." wrote the 30 year old Captain of Fenerbahce in his website, He was, as usual, disturbed by the unending stream of criticisms that follow Fenerbahce anywhere the team goes.

"There is no ending in sight to these criticisms. When one of them stops, the other one takes over. This was the case with Daum, and now Daum is gone and Zico took over, however the criticisms did not stop, just rearranged themselves to Zico. Despite all of this, Daum won 2 Championships, and Zico won the title in his very first year. This year, one of our biggest goals was to qualify for the Champions League, and we did. So the goals are being fulfilled one by one. Nevertheless, Zico keeps being criticized. We did not make a good start to the league, but there are a lot of games ahead of us. It is hard being a manager anywhere in the world. But it is especially difficult in Brazil and Turkey" was his way of looking at things.

I must say, it is hard not to agree with his views. Unfortunately, the Turkish media and the sports writers can be very unforgiving at times.

Hopefully, Fenerbahce and Zico will prove the people who do not believe in them wrong soon enough. We, as the fans, believe in them.

(Article translated from the Turkish version at The original Portuguese article can be found at


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