Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lugano, Uruguay Fall 3-0 to Peru in Copa America

Lugano, Uruguay Fall 3-0 to Peru in Copa America
By Nathan L. Redd
Most of the Fenerbahce players are enjoying the last days of their summer holiday, but Diego Lugano still has his boots on. Lugano is playing for his native Uruguay in the Copa America futbol tournament in Venezuela. Unfortunately, Lugano's national side got off to a rough start on Tuesday evening, falling 3-0 to Peru.
Uruguay has won the Copa America tournament 14 times, but the team has been in decline since failing to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. They were hoping to get it together this time around, but Peru found goals from Miguel Villalta, Juan Carlos Marino, and Paolo Guerrero to take the win 3-0.
Uruguay looked uninspired and sluggish for most of the game, finding few opportunities to score. Peru, on the other hand, came out ready go to and take down the Uruguayans. Fenerbahce defenseman Diego Lugano started for Uruguay and wears #2 for his national side.
Lugano and Uruguay will have a chance to rebound from the loss on Saturday, when they play Bolivia at Pueblo Nuevo Stadium in Venezuela.


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