Thursday, May 31, 2007

Italian Press Reporting Tuncay Has Signed With AC Milan

Italian Press Reporting Tuncay Has Signed With AC Milan
By Nathan L. Redd
According to various Italian media outlets including weekly magazine "Control Campo" and Turkish news outlet "Sabah," Tuncay Sanli has inked a deal with AC Milan for 2 Million Euros per year (approximately $2.7 Million per year). Fenerbahce has not confirmed any rumors surrounding Tuncay, and all Italian media reports are coming from news outlets owned by Silvio Berlusconi - also the owner of AC Milan.
An article was published on the official UEFA website today stating that Tuncay does in fact want to play abroad next season. Tuncay told that "A transfer is not my priority now so soon after I have lifted the championship trophy, and we have a tough game with the national squad. After the Bosnia-Herzegovina game I will be more relaxed and able to decide properly about my future. However, I have to admit that, yes, I want to play abroad. This is what I want."

Tuncay went on to say "If you play abroad you can develop your game, learn a new language and experience different cultures. It is difficult to explain because I am not playing in Europe yet. I will face with these challenges when I get there - if I get there."
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