Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fatih Terim Sees Greek Game as National Match

Fatih Terim sees Turkey's match with Greece as national match!
By Ahmet Turgut (www.turkishsoccer.com)

Turkish national soccer team coach Fatih Terim said on Monday that he sees Turkey's match with Greece as a national match not as a national cause. Terim made the remarks at a press conference in Polat Renaissance Hotel in Istanbul, regarding 2008 European Football Championship qualifying Group C match between Greece and Turkiye. The match takes place Saturday in the Greek capital of Athens, according to the semi-official Anatolia news agency.

Terim said that the upcoming qualifiers with Greece and Norway are of great importance in terms of Turkiye's place in the group and also for the forthcoming matches. "We, altogether, are trying to detach this match from getting perceived as a national cause, diminishing the pressure on our players. This is not a national cause but a national match" said Terim. "We don't have a strategy like 'a tie is good for us'. Our target is to get the best result but we do not know where the conditions would take us," Terim said.


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