Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fenerbahce Suspends Appiah's Contract

Fenerbahce Suspends Appiah's Contract
By Nathan L. Redd

As reported earlier by Fenerbahce Worldwide's Ozgur Nazilli, Fenerbahce has suspended the contract of star midfielder Stephen Appiah as a result of his long-term injury. The move by the club frees up a spot under the Turkish Futbol Federation's foreign player limit.

Appiah has played in only six games this season as a result of the injury. He's been sidelined since suffering the original setback last spring. Appiah had surgery over the summer to repair torn ligaments in the knee, but has since developed a blood clot. The injury is expected to sideline Appiah at least until mid-summer.

Dr. Mehmet Kurdoglu stated "Treatment will immediately begin to dilute his blood. This will last for six months and during this period he shouldn't risk any contact that could cause bleeding to any part of his body." Kurdoglu added "It is risky for him to head the ball as even this could cause a cerebral hemorrhage. There is a 95 per cent chance that he will recover after the treatment and only a five per cent chance of a recurrence of the problem. At the moment he can only do light training."

Appiah was rumored to be making a return to Italy during the January transfer window, but the severity of his injury puts his future in question. Fenerbahce has suddenly found themselves in dire need of a midfielder and is expected to address the issue in the coming weeks.


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