Sunday, January 27, 2008

The "New" Fenerbahce Worldwide!!!

The "New" Fenerbahce Worldwide!!!
By Nathan L. Redd

You may have noticed lately that we've been a little slower to post news and articles around here. Although none of us claim to be "workaholics" we haven't become too lazy either. We've been working on the brand new Fenerbahce Worldwide site. Finally, after nearly eight months of planning and four months of development, it's almost ready! The new site,, will launch on Monday, January 28th.

The new site will be all of the things you have enjoyed about the blog, but lots more information and content. There will be more pictures, more news, more articles, more commentaries, etc. We'll be introducing interviews, expanded coverage and content, and more!

There will be some big changes with the new site, and we think you will like them. From taking a look at our visitors, we know that many Turk and non-Turk fans visit our site. We are thrilled to see so many visitors from Brasil, Spain, and so many other countries. In order to serve as many fans as possible, we knew we needed to expand our accessibility also. So, we are proud to announce that the new Fenerbahce Worldwide will feature full-length, complete sections in English, Turkish, and Portugese with plans to add Spanish later. We're also happy to announce the addition of Cristina Prado to our team. Cristina is a native of Sao Paolo, Brasil and like so many others, became a Fenerbahce fan through the team's Brasilian connections. Cristina and I will be providing content in Spanish and English, while she will also be writing in Portugese. Our other team member, Ozgur, will continue to provide content for us in English and now Turkish as well.

Another exciting change about the website is that you will be able to create your own free, personalized account. This feature will allow you to leave comments and converse with other Fenerbahce fans, while also providing exclusive access in the future to more content. While the new website is going to be a huge step up from the blog, it's only the beginning of what we hope to add in the future. Another feature that we'll be adding is guest contributors to the site. While Ozgur, Cristina, and myself all love Fenerbahce, we know that we don't have expertise in every area of the club and Turk futbol. Therefore, we will occasionally feature articles, commentaries, and features from experts on the club, Turk futbol, and even experts within the club itself.

We have one goal with Fenerbahce Worldwide, which is to take the club to as many people as possible using every outlet available. Our team now consists of two Turks, a Brasilian, and an American, indicating how global Fenerbahce has truly become. However, with both Fenerbahce and our website, we know the best is yet to come. We want you to be a part of it, and we hope you'll like the new site!


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