Friday, January 04, 2008

Izmir Fans Visit Fenerbahce Worldwide Office

(L-R: Başar Gencel, Nathan Redd, Beth Mitchell-Gencel)

Izmir Fans Visit Fenerbahce Worldwide Office
By Nathan L. Redd

Fenerbahce Worldwide was honored to have two of Fenerbahce's biggest fans visit our office this week. Başar Gencel and his wife, Beth Mitchell-Gencel, were in Louisville, USA on holiday and stopped by the office to spend some time with the crazy American Fenerbahce fan. Başar and Beth are loyal Fenerbahce supporters in Izmir, while Beth is a native of Louisville, USA - the home of Fenerbahce Worldwide.

Their visit marks the second visit from Izmir fans in recent months who were visiting Louisville. While we don't offer the opportunity to meet anyone famous when visiting the FW office, we do offer free coffee upon request. Our office is very exquisite and fabulous - similar to Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, but with a smaller seating capacity and slightly less hooliganism.


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