Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Diego Lugano Close to Joining FB; Anelka Staying?

Various Brazilian news outlets are reporting that Diego Lugano is close to being transferred to Fenerbahce. One Istanbul report indicates that Lugano is in Istanbul today. The Sao Paulo defender has rejected offers to join English side Liverpool and Spanish side Sevilla. He has, however, welcomed the option of joining Fenerbahce. Fener manager Zico calls Lugano the best defender in all of South America, and he would be a welcome addition to the FB backfield.

In other news, rumors are circulating that Nicolas Anelka has had a change of heart and wishes to stay with Fenerbahce. These reports are contrary to Portsmouth President Harry Redknapp's indication that the two sides are close to a deal which would bring Anelka to England. Stay tuned for more news...


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